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Bowie neemt afscheid met jazzalbum

Vlak voor zijn dood afgelopen zondag verscheen het album 'Blackstar', waarmee zanger David Bowie volgens recensent Matt Micucci afscheid nam met zijn eerste jazzalbum. Een verrassend sterk slotakkoord.

'Born and raised in South London, David Bowie developed an early interest in music, but it is not as well known that Bowie's interest in music was also highly influenced by his brother Terry Burns. It was Terry, in fact, who introduced him to modern jazz, and inspired in him an enthusiasm for players like Charles Mingus and John Coltrane.

This enthusiasm for jazz led Bowie to pick the alto saxophone as his instrument of choice. His mother bought him a plastic one in 1961, and he soon began taking lessons from a local musician. Throughout his career, he would now and again remind people that early on, he was uncertain whether he wanted be a "rock and roll star or John Coltrane".

'Blackstar' is the first time Bowie experimented so openly with jazz. Using the entirety of the LP, with jazz, he shows his many processes in his search for sonic freedom. More importantly, and relevant to the personal life of Bowie, the jazz element is Bowie's attempt to rekindle with his early life in South London, growing up on a diet of Coleman and Dolphy, and imagining what it might have been like, had he chosen a different path and pursued a career as an avant-garde, jazz musician.

'Blackstar' is fierce and sometimes beautiful. It features Donny McCaslin on saxophone, Ben Monder on guitar and Jason Lindner on piano and keyboards – three musicians that have established themselves as revered figures in contemporary jazz and avant-garde scene.'

Bron: JAZZIZ Magazine


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