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Ab Baars, Meinrad Kneer & Bill Elgar - 'Give No Quarter' (Evil Rabbit, 2013)

Opname: 9 oktober 2011

Ab Baars on tenor, clarinet and shakuhachi, Meinrad Kneer on double bass and Bill Elgart on drums. A pretty intense album of free improvisation, never loud, always looking for immediate interactive dynamics, walking - sometimes jumping - with precision and caution, yet free as the wind.

The thirteen tracks on the album are all around five minutes long, and give some insight into the trio's approach. They set a scene, develop it, expand it and close it. Once the character is created, the approach made, there is no need for too long elaborations on the same subject, because they have many more ideas, plenty of ideas, and they all get their place here. One of my favorite albums. And the sound quality is excellent too.

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